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With over 15 years of experience in management consulting and senior management positions across various industries, including shared services centers, FMCG, and banking, Ben Esmael is a highly skilled professional. He has a proven track record of successfully scoping projects, managing them, and implementing solutions through collaborative consulting and change management processes.

Throughout his career, Ben has led several projects in finance strategy and transformation, corporate steering model re-engineering, performance management, revenue management, end-to-end process optimization, organizational development, and finance business partner organization development.


Baton Transport A/S (2023-), HSBC, Business Consultant (2022), Ben Esmael Consulting, Business Consultant (2019-), Warsaw Business Journal, Columnist (2021-), State Street, Senior Transformation Manager (2021-2022), Danish Crown, Executive Secretary, Transformation Change & Communication Manager (2021-2022), Danish Crown, Business Development Manager (2019-2020), Heineken, Project Manager (2017-2019), IBM, Senior Operation Delivery (2015-2017), INCOMA, Management Consultant (2014), OPEC, Economist (2014), NFZ (2009-2013)


  • Baton Transport A/S (2023-): planning, tracking, and reporting of a five-year business strategy, encompassing the commercial, operational, and group functions pillars. Ben also acted as a subject matter expert and led the commercial and group functions streams, overseeing end-to-end process design, governance planning, best practice identification, and solution research and development. In addition, Ben served as the executive secretary and was responsible for creating and presenting content, including financials and market research, to both the supervisory and management board. He was also the communication lead, leading the design and content creation of all business materials and the intranet site. His multifaceted role allowed him to effectively oversee all aspects of the project, from strategy development to communication and reporting.

  • HSBC (2022): Ben developed and implemented a new target operating model for the wholesale banking segment that enhances service delivery, optimizes end-to-end processes, facilitates change management, and leverages technology through the deployment of a query management tool, Ms. Dynamic. The deliverables includes: defining the current state of the wholesale banking segment by analyzing the existing service placement, E2E process design, change management practices, and query management tools. The design the future state of the wholesale banking segment by creating a comprehensive blueprint of the desired service placement, E2E process design, change management framework, and query management tool features. The Implementation of the new target operating model by executing a well-sequenced and phased deployment plan that balances speed, quality, and risk including, measuring the impact of the new target operating model by defining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the expected benefits and outcomes of the initiative.

  • State Street (2022): Ben spearheaded several critical engagements to develop a transformation roadmap that aligns with our efficiency targets and leverages technology solutions to enable our goals. The deliverables of the project includes, the identification of the key pain points, opportunities, and risks in our custody and middle-office operations. Leading the design and validation of the transformation roadmap that outlines the strategic objectives, initiatives, timelines, and metrics for achieving our desired outcomes. Selecting and implementing the technology solutions that support our transformation. 

  • State Street (2021): Ben led the PMO's change and communication efforts and strategy implementation including, the designed and implementation of a comprehensive global change management and communication methodology, toolkit, and training academy that facilitated effective adoption of new initiatives and ensured alignment across stakeholders. Ben deliverables includes the analysis of the organizational context, culture, and stakeholder needs to identify the best practices and frameworks for change management and communication. Developing the change management and communication methodology that provides a step-by-step process for planning, executing, and evaluating change initiatives. Building the change management and communication toolkit that includes a suite of tools and resources that support the implementation of the methodology. And, launching the change management and communication training academy that provides tailored learning opportunities for PMO's employees and external stakeholders.

  • Danish Crown (2021): Head of GBS' advisor and internal consultant for the management team driving the design and implementation of GBS' strategy (2020 - 2025), working directly with the group CFO to design GBS's future operating model (2021 - 2023). Leading transformation change and communication activities for finance, procurement, and master data, including strategy design, tool kit build-up, stakeholders analysis and engagement, training, and media materials to ensure effective and successful transformation roll-out 

  • Danish Crown (2021): The design for Finance Target Operating Model for group finance "F-TOM" that covers eight dimensions."Vision & Strategy, People & Talents, Organisation Model, Service Delivery Model, Process Automation & Controls, Data Governance, Performance Management, and Technology." 

  • Danish Crown (2019-2020): Project manager for finance global template design-to-deploy, including migrating processes from business countries to the GBS in Krakow. In 2020, I worked with business units to deliver the finance transformation phase II business case, scope, sourcing, and timeline. Consequently, I led the change and communication track for the transformation projects portfolio (Finance, Master Data, Procurement) to cushion the impact of digital transformation and transition to GBS on staff in the Business Units. Furthermore, I've designed GBS' communication and change management strategy to support the delivery of GBS' strategic goals. 

  • Heineken (2017-2019): As the leader of a finance transformation project, Ben focused on improving the end-to-end intercompany reconciliation process by designing and deploying a KPI dashboard that enabled better visibility, control, and efficiency. Ben's key achievements include, analyzing the current state of the intercompany reconciliation process and identifying the key pain points, inefficiencies, and risks. Designing and implementing a comprehensive solution that addresses the root causes of the intercompany reconciliation issues. Delivering significant improvements in the intercompany reconciliation process efficiency, transparency, and standardization. Ben's project reduced associated overtime by 50%, increased the reconciliation accuracy by 25%, and enhanced the compliance and audit readiness of the process. Ben also developed a roadmap for further technological enhancement that leverages emerging technologies such as RPA, AI, and blockchain.

  • IBM (2015-2017): As the leader of the migration project for IBM's client Rio Tinto, Ben spearheaded a comprehensive transformation initiative that aimed to enhance the client's operational efficiency, process standardization, and technology capabilities. Ben's key contributions includ collaborating with the client's leadership team to define the scope, objectives, and success criteria of the migration project. Developing and implementing a new operating model that streamlines the client's end-to-end processes, optimizes the use of resources, and enhances the customer experience. Managing the technology migration project from Oracle to SAP that involved a complex set of tasks such as data migration, configuration, testing, and training. Ensuring effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and change management throughout the migration project.


  • OPEC (2014):  As an energy market analyst, Ben provided strategic advice to senior stakeholders, including country delegates and ministers, on market conditions, trends, and opportunities. Ben leveraged his deep understanding of the global energy market, including the oil, gas, and renewables sectors, to deliver insightful analysis and recommendations that informed the clients' decisions and actions. His contributions include, conducting in-depth research and analysis of the energy market, using a variety of data sources, tools, and models. Engaging with the clients to understand their needs, challenges, and expectations, and translating them into actionable insights and recommendations. And, delivering high-quality market studies and publications that showcase the clients' expertise and thought leadership in the energy sector.

  • MFZ (2009 - 2013): As a strategy consultant for MFZ, Ben provided expert advice and support on a wide range of business challenges and opportunities, helping the company to achieve its growth and performance objectives. His key contributions include Developing and implementing growth strategies that aligned with the company's vision, mission, and values. Designing and optimizing the company's business model to enhance its value proposition, revenue streams, and cost structure. And, Strengthening the company's people and talent strategy to attract, retain, and develop high-performing employees.

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