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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Perhaps, finding meaning in life’s highs and lows is a better barometer of a well-lived life.

How self-aware are you? Do you know who or what taught you your emotional responses to life events?

Are you defining success by extrinsic rewards? Maybe there’s more value in seeing accomplishment through the lens of how you’ve converted your pain into your purpose.

🔥🎙In this episode, Mike and I discussed whether happiness is the appropriate goal, methods to become more self-aware, finding balance in ambiguity and uncertainty, and untraditional definitions of success.

Watching this session, you'll learn more about:

👉 What is happiness?

👉 How could anyone develop self-awareness?

👉 How could anyone navigate ambiguity, see through all that noise, and focus on what matters?

👉 As humans, we would face psychological pressure and wrong or even traumatic experiences. What is the best thing to do for healing?

👉 Is doing what you love (or) doing what fulfills your purpose the definition of success?

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