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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This episode features U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Oak McChullach, the author of a newly released book, Your Leadership Legacy, Becoming the Leader. You were meant to be based on 40+ years of leadership in the U.S. Army and subsequent civilian positions.

In his book, he highlights principles that will benefit today's leaders and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. In this episode, we will be talking about leadership, and we will cover topics like:

  • Leadership style, the hierarchy, top-down, bottom-up leadership. What lesson should we learn from the military?

  • Promotion: How could we reward people fairly and transparent on why.

  • The generation gap is a challenge businesses face by either having elders managing youngsters or the other way around it.

  • Hiring the right people. What is the secret sauce?

  • Nothing could work without trusting the team—any tips on strengthening that front from a leader's perspective.

  • Top three must-have skills in tomorrow’s leaders?

  • Managing remote teams - how should we play it?

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