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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

If your business sees it this way, well, think that again:

According to a recent survey, every second Pole with a job declares that they would quit if it negatively affected their physical or mental health, according to the latest research by Pracuj.Pl. In theory, employees in Poland seem to have a growing awareness of the importance of good relationships and proper balance in their working lives. Despite this, in practice, they still face many challenges, often decisive when looking for a new job.

Pracuj.Pl's research indicates that Poles - at least on the declaration level - show a relatively high readiness to leave a job that harms them. The most frequently stated motivation is deteriorating physical health, and it would be the reason for leaving the employer by half of the respondents. Only slightly less often would respondents be prompted to leave their current place of employment by deteriorating mental health, as indicated by 45 percent of respondents.

Development of these skills in your organization for employees on managing time, stress, challenging conversation, stakeholders, etc.; for leaders, how to be empathic, active listeners, coaches, and mentors are vital in retaining employees.

If money wins you a talent, it is only a short win; your talent is available to the highest bidder.

Your working condition and leadership style are what win you the long game.

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