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⚠️ The title is not misleading; the job description defines a healthy PMO director role.

👉 At 15k, Warsaw or remote is disconnected from reality and way off the market’s benchmark!

💡 let me play the two scenarios of what will happen next; these are either or all course of actions.

  • Ben, that's great; the business is willing to invest in inexperienced individuals (as the pay is below the market’s benchmark). I'd say yes, great, and you potentially got five applied already, you'll train them, they'll do the job but let me warn you. In 6 months, they'll master their role, and many would walk through their door and happily take them for a 40% markup. Now start over again!

  • You'll get tons of unqualified candidates that would eat into your HR and hiring manager time without any results. Hence, you wasted priceless time filling a badly needed resource.

👉 The alternative is:

  • Either align your pay with the market benchmark and hire a permanent staff

  • Or hire a contractor; in my opinion, the business should retain flexibility of scaling up or down PMO resources. And yes, it is more efficient to do so in the long run.

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